Home Tips & Tricks 2002-2005 V-Rod Motorcycle Installation Instructions

2002-2005 V-Rod Motorcycle Installation Instructions


Download 2002-2005 V-Rod Motorcycle Installation Instructions – FOR V-ROD MOTORCYCLES WITH OEM FORWARD FACINGINDICATORS ONLY: 1. Remove front OE turn indicators from mount using 5/8” open end wrench.2. Remove OE mirrors.3. Insert approx. 2” 5/16-24 threaded rod (not supplied with kit) into Muth Signal® mirror.4. Mount Muth mirrors in OE mirror location.5. Re-mount front OE turn indicators to bottom of threaded rod. Check clearance between Air box cover andfront OE turn indicators. Using a 3mm Allen Wrench, remove the (2) screws(one on each side) securing the speedometerhousing in place. Remove the speedometer housing. Adjust the position of the Signal® mirror and tightenthe ball retention screws and all other componentsto factory specifications. Guide the Signal® mirror wire harness (along side the existing factory wire harness)into the wire connection behind the speedometer display panel. Remove any slack inthe wire harness. Secure the wire harness to the handle bar using a supplied tie wrap. The motorcycle’s electrical wiring for turn directional is located behind and belowthe display panel. Guide the new wire harness from the Signal® mirror to theelectrical wiring.