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1990 Mazda Mx-5 Miata Cylinder Head Removal And Installation


Download Removal 1. Drain engine coolant. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Remove exhaust and intake manifolds. 2. Note locations and disconnect all necessary electrical connectors, ground wires,vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, coolant hoses and control cables for cylinder head removal. Plug all fuel hoses to avoid leakage. 3. Remove spark plug wires from spark plugs. Remove all drive belts. Remove water pumppulley. Remove timing belt. See TIMING BELT. Remove camshaft/rocker cover. 4. Remove front exhaust pipe. Remove intake manifold support bracket. Loosen all cylinder head bolts evenly in sequence, in 2-3 steps. See Fig. 2 . Remove bolts and cylinderhead assembly. Inspection Carefully clean carbon and gasket material from all mating surfaces. Clean threads of cylinder head bolts; use tap to clean threads in engine block. Check cylinder head for warpage. Resurface or replace head if it is not within specification. Check valve train components. Replace or resurface components if they are not within specification. See CYLINDER HEAD and VALVES & VALVE SPRINGS tables under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS at end of article. Installation Install cylinder head gasket, cylinder head assembly and bolts. Tighten cylinder head bolts in 2 steps and in sequence to specification.