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2001 Mazda B3000 Evaporator Core Housing


Download 2001 Mazda B3000 Evaporator Core Housing Removal And Installation 1. Recover the refrigerant; See 07-10 REFRIGERANT SYSTEM TESTS . 2. Remove the suction accumulator. See 07-11 RECEIVER / DRIER REMOVAL / INSTALLATION 3. Remove the A/C compressor. See 07-11 A/C COMPRESSOR REMOVAL / INSTALLATION [2.3L] . 4. Remove the engine oil indicator and tube. See 01-11D OIL LEVEL INDICATOR AND TUBE REMOVAL / INSTALLATION . 1. Disconnect the blower motor and blower motor resistor electrical connectors. 2. Disconnect the heater hoses. a. Using suitable tools, clamp-off the heater hoses. b. Release the clamps and disconnect the heater hoses. 1. Detach the pin-type retainer and position aside the windshield washer hose. 2. Disconnect the vacuum supply hose near the evaporator core housing. 3. Disconnect the condenser to evaporator line spring lock coupling from the evaporator core inlet. See 07-10 SPRING LOCK COUPLING . • Discard the O-ring seals. 4. NOTE: The following step is performed at the lower passenger side dash panel, inside the passenger compartment.Disconnect thevacuum hose connector and remove the nut. 5. Remove the nuts and the evaporator core housing. 6. To install, reverse the removal procedure.