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Engine Service Manual 2005 Chrysler Sebring

Download Engine Service Manual 2005 Chrysler Sebring – Engine Removal and Installation REMOVAL – ENGINE ASSEMBLY 1. Release fuel pressure. 2. Disconnect negative battery cable. 3. Drain cooling system. 4. Discharge A/C system using a suitable refrigerant recovery machine. 5. Remove throttle body air inlet hose and air cleaner housing assembly. 6. Raise vehicle on hoist. 7. Remove both front wheels. 8. Remove left and right splash shields. 9. Remove fasteners attaching lower front fascia to crossmember. 10. Remove fasteners attaching lower air shield to crossmember. 11. Remove front bumper fascia. 12. Lower vehicle. 13. Remove upper radiator crossmember. 14. Disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses at radiator. 15. Automatic Transmission Equipped Vehicles: Using a blade or suitable hose cutter, cut transaxle oil cooler lines off flush with fittings. Plug lines and fittings to prevent debris from entering transaxle or cooler circuit. A service splice kit will be installed upon reassembly Disconnect transmission electrical harness connectors (C104 & C105). Disconnect transmission shift cable. 16. Manual Transmission Equipped Vehicles: