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How to Get a Small Tire Back on a Rim


Getting a small tire back on a rim can be a frustrating exercise. Experienced tire changes all have their own tips and techniques, but their advice often includes the idea of first deflating the tire and removing the tire’s edge (or bead) from the rim. Many people suggest using a rolling motion with the palms of your hands for the best results, but others use a “two-thumb” maneuver to get the job done.

Things You’ll Need: two tire levers, valve-stem-core wrench


  • Deflate the tire first and remove the valve-stem-core using a small valve-stem-core wrench tool first. If you don’t have this specific wrench, you could use a rubber or plastic hammer, operating it carefully to avoid destroying the rim if you accidently connect with it. Push the bead (the edge) of the tire loose from the rim all the way around, on both sides. It works much better if you start removing the tire at the valve stem. Insert the tire lever or tire iron and carefully pry the tire over the rim. Once you have taken the inner tube out of the tire-casing or rim, repair it or replace it.