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How to Change a Spark Plug in a Toro CCR-3650


The CCR-3650 snowthrower is a gas-powered snow shovel made by Toro for residential use during the winter season. The CCR-3650’s two-stroke engine is powered by a single spark plug at the top of the engine cylinder. Toro recommends an inspection of the spark plug at the beginning of the winter season to ensure that the snowthrower operates as expected. However, removing the spark plug for inspection or repair requires the partial disassembly of the snowthrower’s control panel.

Things You’ll Need: Shop towel, Phillips screwdriver, Ratchet, Spark plug socket, NGK BPMR4A spark plug, Spark plug gapping tool, Torque wrench


  • Turn the ignition switch to the off position and remove the key. Remove all three screws securing the control panel to the top of the snowthrower housing, using a Phillips screwdriver. Lift the control panel away to reveal the spark plug and spark plug wire.