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How to Tune a Diesel Pump


A diesel engine is fed fuel by an injection pump, which needs to be working in tandem with the fuel injectors. Tuning a diesel pump refers to adjusting the timing of the pump to work with the injectors as they spray fuel into the pistons of the engine. While this sounds complicated, it is a procedure that requires only a few tools and can be done over the course of an afternoon.

Things You’ll Need: Socket wrench, 13 mm socket, Oil, T-27 Torx bit, Drill with 3/4-inch bit, Blowtorch, Screwdriver, Pyrometer, 17 mm socket, Hole borer tool


  • Twist the screw cap of the diesel pump counterclockwise to remove it. Use the 13-millimeter socket wrench to loosen the lock-nut on the Torx screw. If the lock-nut does not turn freely, apply a small amount of oil to the screw and lock-nut, then loosen it. Do not remove the lock-nut, just turn it enough to loosen it on the Torx screw.