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Difference Between a Major & Minor Tune Up


A lot of confusion exists about the difference between a minor and major tuneup, what it entails and what types of parts are included with each. In short, a minor tuneup is usually needed around every 30,000 miles or so, or depending upon the vehicle owner’s preference. A major tuneup can be performed at intervals of 60,000 or 90,000 miles, depending upon the vehicle brand and type of engine. Marked differences exist between the two types of tuneups.

Minor Tuneup — Electrical

The electrical components replaced in a minor tuneup usually consist of spark plugs only. The new spark plugs are gapped to manufacturer’s specifications and installed in the vehicle. As a rudimentary inspection, the mechanic will check the timing, and make visual inspections of the air filter, cap, rotor and plug wires. Depending upon the shop practice, older vehicles might receive the installation of points and condenser as part of a minor tuneup. Some manufactures claim that their vehicles do not require a spark plug change until after 100,000 miles.