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How to Use Bar’s Leaks 1100 Head Gasket Repair


If you find that your vehicle is leaking antifreeze or engine coolant around the block area, the head gasket is a likely suspect. If the leaking is in the very early stages, there are a few tricks you can do to improve the flow of fluids throughout your engine. Bar’s Leaks features a line of fluid products for use with internal combustion engines. Combining the company’s 1100 Head Gasket Repair, a fluid additive, with radiator coolant may improve the performance and efficiency of your engine.

Things You’ll Need: Recycling pan, Rag, Bar’s Leaks Head 1100 Gasket Repair fluid, Replacement engine coolant, Large container/bottle


  • Position a recycling container underneath your car’s radiator. Remove the radiator filler cap. Unscrew the drainage plug from the bottom of your vehicle’s radiator and let all of the coolant drain into pan. Replace the drainage plug when you are finished, but leave the filler cap off the radiator.