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Turbochargers HX50/52/55 Service Manual

Download Turbochargers HX50/52/55 Service Manual РThe procedures in this manual were developed to instruct in the correct overhaul of the Holset HX50/52/55 turbocharger for optimum performance and minimum maintenance operation A turbocharger is a mechanical device which uses the engine’s exhaust gases to force more air into the engine cylinders. Hot exhaust gas energy is used to turn a turbine wheel and shaft. At the other end of the shaft is the compressor impeller (or compressor wheel), which draws in air and forces it into the engine cylinders. Supplying increased air mass flow to the engine provides improved engine performance, lower exhaust smoke density, improved operating economy and altitude compensation. The turbocharger has proven to be one of the most beneficial devices for improving engine performance. It performs its job very well, as long as it is properly cared for