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How to Install Compression Fittings on Steel Brake Lines


Steel brake lines are designed to withstand far greater pressure levels than normal rubber brake lines. When you jam on the brakes in a car with normal rubber brake lines, the response can be soft and pressure can be lost as the line stretches in response to the force within. With stainless steel lines, the extra pressure is directed towards the calipers instead of being lost on the way. In addition to better braking response, stainless steel lines will also provide a firmer feeling brake pedal. Attaching steel brake lines will require you to install compression fittings.

Things You’ll Need: Razor blade, Metal snips, Three piece compression fitting, Stainless steel brake line


  • Cut your stainless steel brake lines to the required length using a metal snips to cut the steel braids and a razor blade to cut the inner rubber tubing. Place the compression-fitting cap over the metal braids without removing or altering them in any way. Twist it onto the line making sure to leave the threaded portion of the cap facing outward. Slide the compression cap down the brake line away from the cut end.