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Reset Adaptions Bosch EDC16 Citroen and Peugeot

Download Reset Adaptions Bosch EDC16 Citroen and Peugeot  – The purpose of the Reset Adaptions function is to reset the base values stored in the CM’s memory to a zero state. These base values vary according to the age of the engine and the purpose of them is to maintain a perfectly adjusted engine system. After a reset the CM will re-learn the values, either automatically or by the technician performing a number of steps. The function should be used when important components have been replaced. If the base values are not reset the engine will experience stalling and hesitation problems. The process for Reset Adaptions varies from CM to CM. The technician may have to go through several steps to successfully complete the reset and re-learn procedure. On systems which require a diagnostic command the scan tool will attempt to guide the technician through these steps, but due to battery voltage dips during engine cranking the scan tool may reset before a procedure has been completed.