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How to Remove Glare on a Windshield


Windshield glare, besides being an annoyance, is a hazard to safe driving. Most people suffer through windshield glare, not realizing that thoroughly cleaning and polishing the windshield will reduce or remove glare altogether. However, using the wrong chemicals on a windshield when you clean it contributes to windshield glare. Windshield scratches, abrasions or cracks also can hamper vision and cause glare. Spending a few minutes to clean and polish the windshield thoroughly inside and out can help remove glare.

Things You’ll Need: Windshield cleaner, Vinegar and water, Bucket, Scrubber, Newspaper, no color, Microfiber towels, Clean rags, Glass polish


  • Clean the windshield inside and out with cleaners formulated for glass. Using other cleaners can add a murky film or greasy smudges on the windshield that cause windshield glare.