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How to Save Ink Cartridge from Clogging or Drying Up


The ink in a computer inkjet printer is often the most expensive part of the printer. Keeping the ink cartridges clean and preventing them from drying up can help save you a lot of money over the life of the printer. Below are the steps for keeping your ink cartridges from clogging or drying up.

Preventing the printer from clogging up

By far the best method of keeping the printer from clogging up is to use the printers self-cleaning mechanism. Cleaning can be done by pressing one or more buttons on the printer to start the cleaning process.

Tip: Unless you print a lot of documents we suggest only using the printer self-cleaning when you are having problems. Using the self-cleaning with some printers can use some of your printers ink.

Preventing an inkjet printer ink from drying up

Below is a list of recommendations to help prevent an inkjet printers ink from drying up.

  • Turn the printer off when not being used – Leaving the printer on can dry the ink, make sure whenever the printer is not being used that it is turned off.
  • Turn the printer off correctly – When turning the printer off and on it should be done using the button on the front or side of the printer. You should not be turning off and on using a power strip.