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How to Install Windshield Molding in a Car


Car and truck windshields are held in place with a rubber gasket or seal and a molding strip. This molding strip, generally made of rubber, will grow old over time and the windshield may begin to leak around the edges. When this happens, removal of the windshield is generally not necessary, but the glass should be re-secured to the car with new molding. Installing new windshield molding can be tricky unless you use the correct tools and proper steps.

Things You’ll Need: Screwdrivers, Pliers, Plastic-edged gasket tool, Suction handle or cup


  • Press a suction cup to the windshield glass to secure the suction cup’s handle. Turn the handle, while making sure that it is centered to the glass. Loosen the glass slowly, while keeping a firm, controlled grip on the suction handle.