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How to Fix Moon Roof Leaks


A leaking moon roof can easily put a damper in your day when it rains. The leak is normally caused by a blockage in a water drain in the moon roof. Fixing the leak may be costly if you take it to an auto mechanic, but you should be able to carry out the fix yourself without too much difficulty.

Things You’ll Need: Towel, Isopropyl alcohol, Picture wire, Bottled water, Compressed air


  • Dampen a towel with isopropyl alcohol. Clean the rubber and the areas around the opening of the moon roof with the damp towel.
  • Inspect the corners of the sunroof for blockage by looking closely at each corner. Push picture wire down each opening on each of the four corners to clear each opening of any blockage.
  • Spray compressed air in each opening on each of the four corners. Pour water down each opening on each corner of the moon roof to check if the leak persists. If the leak still occurs, contact an auto mechanic.