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How to Repair a Plastic Windshield


Plastic windshields are extremely durable and less susceptible to breaking than glass windshields. Unlike glass windshields, the majority of plastic windshields are safe when put under stress. But, finding a replacement plastic windshield can be difficult. Fortunately, plastic can be repaired with acrylic solvent cement and plastic buffing compounds.

Things You’ll Need: Acrylic solvent cement, Squeeze bottle applicator, Plastic buffing compound, 100 percent cotton rags, Painter masking tape, Dish washing detergent


  • Airplane windshields take advantage of the strength of plastic. Wash the windshield on both sides with dish washing detergent and hot water. Thoroughly clean the crack. Only use a 100-percent cotton rag for cleaning the windshield to avoid scratching the polished surface. Dirt and grease can form a barrier that impedes the solvent cement from fusing the broken plastic. A crack may continue to split if not properly cemented.