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How to Fix Torque Steer in a Car


Torque steer is the tendency your front-wheel drive (FWD) car has to turn to the right or left when you apply a large amount of torque to the wheels, such as when you press the gas pedal to the floor. This torque steer tendency can range from a mildly annoying condition to a down right dangerous one. Since the front wheels of a FWD car steer and also provide the power to move the car, anything that causes one of the wheels to have less power than the other one will cause the car to steer in the direction of the weaker wheel. The solutions to the torque steer problem are as varied as are the things that cause it.

Things You’ll Need

Tire gauge, Tires, Wheel bearings, Brakes, Wheel alignment, Wheels, Bushings, Steering rack, Steering linkage, Intermediate drive shaft, Support bearing, Pillow block, Track bars, Limited slip differential