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How to Identify an Old Snap-On Tool Box


Snap-On Tools have been the mechanics tool of choice for several decades because, unlike other tool manufacturers with lifetime warranties, they just do not wear out or break. There have been accounts of Snap-On wrenches used by three generations of owners in the same family and still going strong. Snap-On tool boxes offer the same quality. In fact, so many tool box manufacturers have tried to copy the Snap-On design that if the Snap-On insignia falls off an old tool box, it just looks like any other red tool box–unless you know how to tell if it’s a Snap-On or not.

Things You’ll Need : Shop rag


  • Walk around to the back of the tool box or turn the tool box around so that the back faces out. Clean any grease or dirt off of the lower right-hand corner of the back of the tool box. Inspect the tool box to see if there is a series of letters and numbers stamped in the lower right-hand corner. If there is a stamp, the tool box is an old Snap-On tool box. If not, it is just another old red tool box.