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How to Build a GM 383 SBC Stroker


The GM 350 engine block is the heart of the 383 stroker motor. Race enthusiasts often decide to upgrade to a 383 stroker for better performance. The 383 has a longer stroke and larger displacement than the stock 350 engine. The 350 engine block cylinders will need to be bored .030 over the stock size, making the total bore 4.030 inches. The stock 350 crankshaft will be replaced with a 400 small block crankshaft or a ready to install stroker crankshaft.

Things You’ll Need

350 engine block, Assembly lube, Main bearings, Piston rod bearings, .030 over pistons, .030 over piston rings, Small block 400 crankshaft or stroker crankshaft, Torque wrench, Socket set, Gasket set, Engine stand, Cam bearings, Cam bearing tool, Freeze plugs, Mallet, Shop rag, Piston ring compressor