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How to Receive Boost Picture Messages


How to Receive Boost Picture MessagesBoost mobile offers several pre-paid cell phone plans along with handsets that work specifically with the Boost mobile plans. You can receive picture messages on your Boost mobile handset even if the phone you have does not come with a camera.

If you do not have Boost mobile as your cellular provider, you can still view Boost mobile picture messages on your phone once you receive them. There are two ways to receive Boost mobile picture messages: Through the phone or through email.

Things You’ll Need : Boost Mobile phone (optional), Internet connection (optional), Data package (optional)


Send a picture message to the mobile phone. If the phone belongs to you, have someone you know send you a picture to the phone.

Open the message when you receive the alert indicating you have a new picture message. Scroll down by pressing the down arrow near the “OK” button to see the rest of the picture if necessary. If you want to save the picture, choose “Options” from your menu choices displayed and then the “Save” functionality. The picture message is then saved to the appropriate folder on the phone. Photos are stored in the phone under the “Pictures” or “My Pictures” option. Press the “End” key or the red key that ends a phone call when you are finished viewing the item.


Log into your email and start a new email message. Type the following into the “To” field, “xxxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com” without the quotation marks and replace the “x” letters with your ten digit Boost mobile phone number.

Put a short phrase in the “Subject” line. For example, type something similar to “Picture of cat.” Click on the “Attach” button or icon. A new window will open that will let you select the photo or file you want to attach. Navigate to the photo you want to attach. Click on the file containing the photo then click “Open” to attach it. Click “Send.” The photo will be emailed to the Boost mobile phone handset. You can then proceed to access the photo by opening the message once the handset receives it.

Tips & Warnings

  1. If you want to prevent accidental deletion of a picture, choose the message and then “Options” from your menu choices. Choose the “Lock” option. The phone will preserve the picture so that when you delete messages, that picture won’t be deleted.
  2. Make sure you have picture messages enabled on your cell phone plan. If you do not have the correct options on your cell phone plan, it can cost you applicable airtime charges to receive the picture message in addition to any set fees per picture message as set forth by your cell phone provider. If your Boost mobile phone does not have a camera prebuilt into it, you can only send pictures if the pictures are first sent to your handset from another’s cell phone.