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How to Get T-Mobile Prepaid Bonus Minutes


How to Get T-Mobile Prepaid Bonus MinutesIndividuals use prepaid cell phones for personal and business purposes. Using a prepaid cell phone has its advantages. You can either pay as you go or purchase a certain number of minutes for a specific price, avoid the hassle of monthly payments, and receive additional minutes when promotions are offered.

Things You’ll Need : T-Mobile phone or activation card

Call T-Mobile Customer Relations to speak with a T-Mobile customer service representative. Inquire about current and upcoming promotions. A typical promotion is this one described by a T-Mobile customer service representative: “There is a promotion happening which allows you to receive bonus minutes if you purchase additional minutes using a debit or credit card.” To be eligible to participate, you must receive a text message from T-Mobile.

Depending on the message, you could receive $5 or $10 in extra minutes. You must follow the instructions included in the text message to receive the bonus refill. There are always ongoing promotions so be sure to check your text messages often to receive information about special offers and the latest promotions.

View your recent text messages to look for promotions. Check to verify if there are any messages from T-Mobile and read the entire message. Determine the amount of the bonus refill. If you have additional questions on how to view your text messages, you can contact a representative with T-mobile or go to its website. The contact number to reach a representative is 1-877-778-2106 during business hours which are 3 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time. You will need to enter your T-Mobile cell phone number. The website address is http://www.t-mobile.com/.

Make a purchase with a debit card or credit card to receive the bonus minutes. After the purchase has been made, the bonus minutes are applied to the account within 36 hours. Activate a new T-Mobile account. If you do not currently have a T-Mobile account, you can receive free bonus refill minutes by activating a new account. You will need to purchase an activation card with an initial balance of $3.34 to qualify. You can verify the amount of the card by looking at the top of the activation card. The bonus refill is equal to $25. You can purchase the pay-as-you-go plan or the pay by day.

Tips & Warnings

  1. For new customers activating a new account, the only activation card that qualifies for the $25 in free bonus refill minutes is the $3.34 initial balance.
    Only existing customers who receive a text message from T-Mobile are eligible to receive additional bonus refill minutes.
  2. Always check with a customer service representative or the T-Mobile website to inquire about promotions before making a purchase.