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Difference Between Pearl White & White Auto Paint


Although pearl automotive paints traditionally have been used on high-end or custom vehicles, many manufacturers have started to apply them to their factory models as well. Pearl automotive paints provide an iridescent effect that gives slightly different tones depending on the angle at which a vehicle is viewed. Some pearlescent colors give off more hues than others, and white colors rarely produce any different hues at all. This leads to car enthusiasts debating the qualities of a white pearlescent paint job against a standard white auto paint project.

Visual Differences

Take a look at a white auto paint job from any angle and the vehicle looks uniform. If a vehicle painted in white pearl automotive paint is viewed at different angles, it usually is possible to see slightly different appearances. When both paints are viewed face-on, white auto paint has very little depth and only the color is seen. Pearlescent paints, on the other hand, have incredible depth created by a protective layer of clear coat over the base color.