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Health Risks Associated With Auto Body Painting Materials


Auto body and paint shops use caustic, flammable and carcinogenic chemicals in their line of work, more than in the automotive repair trade. The health risks associated with auto body painting materials can be long-lasting and serious to the employee, and even customers, if the proper steps to implement safety precautions and certified equipment are not enforced. Every person entering or in the auto body paint trade, including current employees, should be aware of the numerous health risks they face each day.

Flammable Substances and Burns

Automotive paint prepared with reducers and lacquer thinner pose flammability issues when sprayed, spilled or in any way aerated to the atmosphere. Cleaning solvents (isocyanates), kerosene, acetone, gasoline and other petroleum-based and alcohol cleaners are combustible, especially under pressure from spray guns and aerosol cans. Without proper ventilation, airborne solvents and reducers ignite in open air by any a spark source.