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HVLP Spraying Tips


Modern high volume, low pressure spray guns are highly effective at atomizing ‘larger volumes of paint and this helps professional sprayers to achieve better topcoats. Many novice auto repair enthusiasts use HVLP guns on their own projects as a means of achieving a superior finish. Paint application can be challenging, especially if problems are encountered while spraying is in progress. However, a number of tried and tested tips can be used to produce paint jobs that even the professionals would be proud of.

Improve Color Matches

Avoid poor edge-to-edge color matches by blending adjacent panels. Rub down the two auto body panels on either side of the repair and use a HVLP spray gun to apply a full coat of transparent binder over all three panels. Flick the spray gun outwards at the end of each arm stroke when paint is being applied so that the color merges into the existing paintwork. The transparent binder will absorb the paint to prevent halos or color edges from appearing when clear coats are applied.