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How to Set Up an HVLP Paint Gun


HVLP spray guns, also known as gravity-fed spray guns, take practice to learn to set up properly, but once you learn how to do it, the procedure becomes second nature. HVLP spray guns have either three or four knobs which must be adjusted prior to spray painting a surface. Two knobs are used to control the pattern of spray, while two more control the amount of air allowed into the spray gun’s air chamber.


  • Hold the spray gun in your dominant hand and plug the air line from the compressor into the fitting located at the base of the gun. Do not fill the spray gun with paint until the knobs are properly set.
  • Adjust the knob at the base of the handle of the spray gun until its gauge reads between 32 and 40 psi, which prevents too much air from entering the spray gun. Pull the trigger to determine the air output. When holding the spray gun, the knob located on the handle halfway between your thumb and forefinger is the air pressure regulator knob. It can only be rotated in 1/4- to 1/2-turn increments. Set it to its halfway position for paint or clear coat, set slightly higher to spray primers.