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How to Prep Urethane Primer


Urethane primer is commonly used in body shops as a surface coat that provides a sealed, protective base on auto panels prior to painting. It possesses a high solid content that is superior to lacquer primer alternatives and creates additional build-up during the spraying process. When it is subsequently rubbed down, urethane primer leaves a flat, even finish that withstands corrosion, fills scratch marks in body filler and provides an etched surface to promote paint adhesion. When using the correct preparation techniques, urethane primer is an excellent surface material that is suitable for all body shop applications.

Things You’ll Need

P180-grit abrasive paper, P320-grit sanding disc, P500-grit sanding disc, P800-grit wet-and-dry paper, Random orbital sander, Air blower, Cloth, Degreaser, Tack cloth, Urethane primer, Compatible hardener, Spray gun, Air compressor, Airline, Can of matte black paint, Rubber sanding block, Clean water, Masking tape, Masking paper