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How to Fix Sags in Metallic Auto Paint


Runs and sags in auto body paintwork are caused by the excess application of paint or clear coats. With clear coats, these imperfections can be easily sanded out and buffed back to a high gloss finish. However, runs and sags in metallic paints present a host of difficulties and an effective rectification will depend on the type of paint being used. A sag in solvent-based metallic material can be rectified prior to clear coat application. Unfortunately, water-based products will usually have to be repainted.

Things You’ll Need

P1500-grit wet-and-dry paper, Water, Sanding block, Chamois leather, Air blower, Aerosol one-pack primer, Fine grade soft sanding pad, Tack cloth, Solvent-based metallic paint, Water-based metallic paint, Clear coat