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How to Blend Auto Painting Over a Clear Coat


Blending a solid or metallic paint color over an existing clear coat is a challenging task that requires a high level of automotive refinishing skill. By blending a panel instead of painting it completely, there is no need to worry about edge-to-edge color matching, particularly if a scratch or blemish is in the middle of a panel. However, the blending process itself needs to be seamless, otherwise colored edges will be visible once a fresh layer of clear coat is applied.

Things You’ll Need

P1000-grit wet-and-dry paper, Ultra-fine grade sanding pad, Water, Flatting compound, Chamois leather, Air blower, Lint-free cloth, Degreaser
Masking tape, Masking paper, Continuous polythene sheeting, Tack cloth, Spray gun, Clear blending thinners, Colored paint, Compatible paint hardener, Clear coat