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How to Remove the Roof of My Car


Cutting the roof off of a car isn’t as crazy an idea as it sounds. It’s the first step in lowering or “chopping” the roof of a custom car, and many off-roaders will remove the roof panels of off-road trucks for open-air four-wheeling or to repair trail damage. Because the roof is a significant structural component of any vehicle, its removal has immediate effects on handling and structural integrity. Cutting the roof off of a car to make a cheap convertible is not recommended. When removing a roof for a customization or restoration job, careful planning is necessary to avoid doing permanent damage to the car’s body and frame.

Things You’ll Need

Metal-cutting tool, such as a SawZall reciprocating saw or handheld jigsaw, with at least two extra metal-cutting blades, Protective eyewear, gloves and clothing, Masking tape, Phillips screwdriver, Socket set and ratchet, Flathead screwdriver or scraper tool, Hammer, Pliers, 3 2-by-4s