Home Tips & Tricks 83-97 FORD RANGER, BRONCO II 4” KIT


Download 1. Raise front of vehicle and place jack stands behind radius arm pivot points. Block rear tires. Remove wheels and tires , using a 3/4” deep well socket. 2. Using a 18mm socket remove bottom shock bolt on both sides. Do not remove the shock completely. Leave the shock attached at the top. See Figure 1 3. Using a 18mm socket unbolt the sway bar link. Retain factory hardware. See Figure 2 4. Remove spring retaining nut and washer, both sides, using a 1 1/8”wrench. See Figure 3 5. Remove the factory coil springs. 6. Begin on passenger side by removing the axle pivot bracket for the driver side axle using a 21mm socket. Retain stock hardware for re-use. See Figure 4 7. Slide the new drop bracket into the original mounting point. Use the stock hardware to bolt bracket into place. See Figure 5