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How Do I Clean a Printer Drum?


If you consistently notice tracks or blotches on your printouts at the office, it probably means that it is time for you to either replace or clean your printer drum unit. To save your business a little money, trying to clean the unit is always a good first option. The drum is a key component of your laser printer, as it transfers an image onto paper to produce the final print. Drum units are highly sensitive, so if you choose to clean it, be careful. Consult your printer’s manual before you do it, because different printers may suggest you take your drum in to get it cleaned, rather than doing it yourself.

Step One: Supplies

Before you start cleaning your drum, you need a few supplies to get started. Essential supplies include cotton swabs, tweezers or some needle-nose pliers, a soft cleaning or lint-free cloth, paper towels, and rubbing alcohol. After you have these supplies, take your drum unit out of the printer. Read through your manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging your drum. When you take your drum out, avoid leaving fingerprints on the roller surfaces. Some toner may also spill out during this step, so have paper towels close by.

Step Two: Inspect

Lay your drum unit on a set of paper towels. Inspect it carefully to see if there is obvious damage that may be responsible for the track marks on your paper. If there is, buy a new drum unit. If you do not see damage, continue with the cleaning.