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How to Retrieve Deleted Texts


The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in a cell phone is an electronic storage device that contains your phone book records, text messages, multimedia files, etc. Since the SIM card’s storage capacity is limited, your phone automatically deletes old messages to accommodate new ones. But you can retrieve deleted texts by using a SIM card reader plugged into your computer’s USB port.

Insert your SIM card into the slot on the USB SIM card reader. Plug the SIM card reader into your computer’s USB port. Download and install an SMS recover software application on your computer (see Resources). Open the SMS recovery application by double-clicking a shortcut icon created on your desktop after its installation.

Click the “Read” button from the application’s menu and then click the “SMS Messages” button to display a list of existing and deleted text messages. Click on a contact’s name or phone number in the list displayed in the “SMS Messages” menu and click the “Save” button from the tool bar options. Browse to a location on your hard disk to save the SMS message and click the “Save” button to save the SMS message. The deleted text message will be retrieved and can be opened with “Notepad” application for viewing.