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How to Send a Get Well Card Through Text Message


If you can’t personally visit the intended recipient of a get well message, sending a get well card via text can be more efficient and timely than mailing a card. While you obviously cannot send a physical card via text message, a little creativity will allow you to send a thoughtful message to a friend or loved one.

Open your text message box on your cell phone. Be sure to enter the proper contact from your address book or the correct phone number. Enter the get well wish using your cell phone. If you need inspiration, you can access plenty of ideas on the internet for get well text messages.

Get creative. You can add an image to your text message if your phone service provider allows you to do so. Of course, the recipient’s provider must also allow them to receive images via text message. For a real slice of ingenuity, take a cell phone picture of a get well card and attach that to your message. Hit the “Send” button on your phone to deliver the get well message.