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How to Free Stuck Fuel Injectors


It’s one of the more frustrating parts of DIY car maintenance; spending two hours doing the hard part, getting to the easy part and finding out that something’s conspired to make it not-so-easy. Finding out that your injectors are stuck in the fuel rail or manifold can be a real facepalm moment — which, in itself, can prove far more painful than the process of breaking the injector loose.

Things You’ll Need: Locking and channel-lock pliers, Penetrating oil, Large flat-head screwdriver
Impact driver


  • Check around the injector for any metal clips or screw-on retainers that might be holding it in place. Almost all fuel injectors use something to secure the injector to the rail and those metal clips can camouflage themselves pretty effectively on the underside of the rail. Carefully pull the clips loose with a set of needle-nose locking pliers.