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What Does a Camshaft Sensor Control in a Vehicle?


Correct timing is vital to proper engine operation. In most vehicles manufactured since the 1970s, an on-board self-diagnostic system has monitored engine performance. When it senses a fault, the system notifies the driver via a malfunction indicator lamp — most commonly “Check Engine” — that diagnosis and repair is required. One of the components the system checks is the camshaft sensor.

Diagnostic Fault Codes

Diagnostic fault codes are interpreted by a technician using a computer called a scanner. The scanner displays codes that give technicians an umbrella diagnosis; this is followed up by component testing to determine the exact issue. The diagnostic fault code for a camshaft position sensor problem is P0343. The camshaft position sensor does not control any mechanical component or mechanical function; it controls the information sent to the scanner to inform the technician that a problem exists.