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My Transmission Is Slipping & Has a Whining Noise


Keep an open ear for warning sounds your car makes. As a driver on the road, it is important for you to know the ins and outs of your vehicle. That is, you should be able to identify when your car may have a mechanical problem that could pose a potential safety hazard to you and your passengers. Responsible drivers take the time to maintain their vehicles, specifically when it comes to automatic transmissions. Keeping the transmission in proper working order is critical for controlling your vehicle.

Symptoms of a Slipping Transmission – When your transmission is slipping, your vehicle may go in and out of different gears, because it means that the gear grips are worn and are unable to lock the transmission into place in one gear. One thing to look for when you think your transmission is slipping is whether you have trouble accelerating when you press on the gas, or whether your vehicle stands still after your foot is on the gas pedal. If either of these things occur, it is symptomatic of a slipping transmission. Another symptom associated with a slipping transmission is the presence of a whining noise.