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How to Fix a Bubbling Radiator on a Vehicle


Keeping your coolant levels high can prevent radiator problems. A bubbling noise in your car can indicate serious problems. When the noise comes from your radiator, it is both alarming and a bit of a relief. It’s alarming because if you don’t attend to it quickly, your radiator problem can get worse and more expensive. It’s a relief because radiator problems can be repaired in a straightforward manner. Making sure you have enough coolant in the radiator can help your car run smoothly and can eliminate the bubbling in your radiator.


  • Understand that your car radiator removes heat from the coolant by forcing air through the slots in the radiator. Those slots are called “fins.” When your engine overheats, the coolant can be forced into an overflow container and that creates a bubbling sound. Wait for the car to cool completely before checking the coolant levels. If you open the radiator by twisting off the cap when it is not cooled, you could be hit by a burning spray. Adding coolant after the car has cooled can prevent a car radiator’s from bubbling.