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Can a Dirty Cabin Air Filter Affect the Car’s Heater?


Dirty cabin filters will reduce your heater’s output during the winter season. Many car owners neglect their cabin air filters when maintaining their rides. This is mostly due to the fact that most people don’t even know this unobtrusive filter exists as it usually doesn’t come to mind while changing spark plugs and engine oil. However, a dirty cabin filter can drastically reduce the performance of your car’s air conditioning and heating system.

How Cabin Air Filters Work

Just as your home’s air conditioning system relies on filters, so does your car’s. As its name implies, a cabin air filter prevents dust, dirt and road debris from entering into the car’s cabin, where you and your passengers sit. As the outside air is drawn into the air conditioning, it passes through the cabin filter’s pleated media, trapping pollen and dirt before it can accumulate within the air conditioning duct work. Without a cabin air filter, the dust that doesn’t settle within the system will be blown directly at the car’s occupants.