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Can I Clean Oil From a Drive Belt?


Your automobile’s drive belt keeps the engine turning and running properly. Oil degrades rubber and eventually will cause your automobile’s drive belt to break. Use a soapy water solution to clean oil off a drive belt. The solution removes oil, as well as other fluids, from belts, pulleys and components related to the drive belt. It is important to check your automobile’s belts and pulleys on a regular basis and remove any oil buildup from the components.

Cleaning Without Removal – Turn off your automobile’s engine, if it is on, and raise your automobile’s hood. Mix 2 cups of mild soap and 1/2 gallon of warm water in a bucket or plastic container. Stir the mixture with a spoon. Dip a soft cloth or rag in the soap solution and wring out the excess. Wipe the drive belt thoroughly with the rag or cloth to remove any visible oil from the belt. Re-dip the rag or cloth in the soap solution, wring out the excess and wipe the pulley or tensioner the belt is attached to.