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5W20 Pennzoil & Motorcraft Differences


Change your oil according to the manufacturer’s interval recommendation. Exact formulations of various motor oils are closely guarded secrets. One manufacturer doesn’t want another manufacturer to crack the secrets, leading to the feared development of a better oil. Both 5W20 Pennzoil and 5W20 Motorcraft motor oil can be used in various engines The true differences exist more in the salesmanship and marketing arena, rather than in the quality of the oil.

Ford’s Recommendation

The Motorcraft name is licensed by Ford Motor Company. Motorcraft oil is installed in all new Ford vehicles leaving the assembly line. Pennzoil works adequately in Ford engines as long as the 5W20 weight is specified for the engine. Don’t worry, a secret Motorcraft oil squad won’t drag you off in the middle of the night if you use Pennzoil. It’s important for every engine, no matter the make, to change the oil and oil filter at recommended oil change intervals. For many car engines, an oil change is recommended every 3,000 miles.