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How to Stop Engine Oil in an Air Breather


Learning to properly read the dipstick prevents oil in the air breather. The crankcase air breather is opposite the PCV valve on the engine to allow air flow to enter the positive crankcase ventilation system. This pushes gases from the engine into the PCV valve and breather hoses. The ventilation system is designed as part of the emissions control system of the vehicle and prevents gases from the engine from being released into the environment. If the air breather filter becomes clogged with oil, the system won’t work. It is easy to stop engine oil in an air breather because there is only one cause for it: too much oil in the engine.

Things You’ll Need

Drain pan, Vehicle manual, Socket set, Strap wrench (if needed), Oil filter, Funnel, Engine oil, Air breather filter cover, Flat-head screwdriver, PCV valve, Rubber hose (if needed), Hose clamps (if needed)