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Specifications for the Motorcraft FL400S Filter


Oil filters are changed using a special wrench. Originally called the Purolator (a portmanteau of the phrase “pure oil later”), the modern oil filter was invented in 1923 by Ernest Sweetland and George Greenhalgh. The Motorcraft FL-400S, like most oil filters produced after 1970, is a full-flow, spin-on oil filter, which means that it is disposable and easy to change, in addition to filtering the main flow of pressurized oil in the engine.


The Motorcraft FL-400S is a spin-on, canister-shaped oil filter. Its case is white in color. The diameter of its circular ends measures 2.98 inches. It measures 4.72 inches in height. Prior to use, it weighs 0.8 pounds. The thread size of its perforated steel center tube is 3/4-inch. Its relief valve pressure is set to 14 pounds per square inch.