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How to Change the Jets in a Carburetor


Swapping Jets 4 Power – A carburetor delivers fuel, but how much fuel it sends into the intake of the engine depends on its calibration. Mechanical or electric fuel pumps push the fuel through jets. Change the jets in a carburetor and you can change the calibration of the fuel delivery system. A crew chief on any drag race team will tell you what jet to change to if he troubleshoots a problem.

Things You’ll Need: Carburetor (Holley), Jets (replacement), Screwdrivers (flathead 4 inches long), Wrench (3/8, 7/16, 1/2), Rags


  • Position the carburetor on a level surface. Park in a well-lit area on a flat surface to change the jets in a carburetor that is already installed in the vehicle. If the carburetor is not installed, bring the carburetor to a well-lit work bench.