Home Tips & Tricks 2000 Volkswagen Jetta Instrument Panel, Removing and Installing

2000 Volkswagen Jetta Instrument Panel, Removing and Installing

Download CAUTION: Disconnect battery ground (GND) strap before working on electrical system. NOTE: Observe notes regarding coding in radio operators manual before disconnecting battery. removal and installation procedures may have to be modified slightly depending on equipment variants After connecting battery, vehicle options (radio, clock, electric window regulator) must be checked according to repair manual and/or user manual. Removing Switch ignition off. Disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap. Remove steering wheel. Remove center console. Remove screws – arrows -. Remove upper trim – 1 – for steering column switches. NOTE: Unclip front section of trim – 1 – horizontally from instrument cluster. Remove screws – arrows -. Remove screws – 3 – and – 4 -. Remove handle from steering wheel height adjustment – 2 -. Remove steering wheel height adjustment. Remove lower trim – 1 – for steering wheel switch. Remove bolt – arrow -. Disconnect harness connectors from steering column switches – 1 -. Remove steering column switches – 1 -. Remove glove compartment – 1 -. Disconnect harness connector for glove compartment light. NOTE: If only glove compartment is to be removed, center console must be removed first because bolt -2 – is otherwise not accessible.