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2007 Volkswagen Rabbit Brake pads removing and installing

Download Brake pads, removing When removing, mark brake pads that will be used again. Install in the same position, otherwise braking effect will be uneven! Remove wheels. Disconnect connector – 1 – for brake pad wear indicator. Remove caps – arrows -. Loosen both guide pins – arrows – and remove from brake caliper. Remove brake caliper and secure with wire so that the weight of the brake caliper does not burden or damage the brake hose. Remove brake pads from brake caliper. Cleaning: CAUTION: Do not blow brake system using compressed air, the dust produced is harmful to health! Thoroughly clean contact surfaces for brake pads at brake carrier, remove corrosion. Clean brake caliper. Use only appropriate solvents for cleaning brake caliper. Brake pads, installing Before pressing piston into cylinder using piston resetting tool, brake fluid must be extracted from brake fluid reservoir. Otherwise, especially if reservoir has been topped off, fluid will overflow and cause damage. Insert inner brake pad (piston side) – 1 – and outer brake pad – 2 – with retaining springs into brake caliper. Inner brake pad (piston side) with large three-finger clip – 1 -. Outer brake pad with small three-finger clip – 2 – (colored black). Place brake caliper with brake pads on brake carrier first at bottom – arrow