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Mitsubishi Pajero EGR Modification

Download If you plan to have ago yourself, first read the wise words of our fellow members further on (the photos below show the EGR valve in a 2.5TD engine! shouldn’t be much different in a 2.8TD): Here it goes: Before you start, it makes it easier if you remove the small pipe going into the top of the EGR valve and the AutoTrans. dipstick out of the way 1- unbolt the two bolts (size 12) facing the auto trans dipstick (Photo 1) 2- Once loose use one hand to completely unbolt, … use the other hand to stop the metal gasket falling of behind the EGR valve! (Photo 2) 3- Once the long bolts are out, remove (slide) the metal gasket out and give it a clean (Photo 3) * If you want to remove the valve completely and give it a good clean, then you need to unbolt two more bolts below the valve… not impossible but it takes more time (which I didn’t have) so I left those untouched… there is enough gap between the EGR valve and the inlet to do the job! 4- Have a drink (mine was Pepsi )… using the metal gasket outlines on a piece of paper, creat your blocking metal sheet (Photos 4 & 5) 5- Wrap a clean cloth around a long thin screwdriver and give the “gap” between the valve and the inlet a good clean… lots of black tar there! 6- Place the blocking metal and the original gasket in the gap! (Photo 6) 7- Bolt and place the autotrans dipstick & valve pipe back!