Home Tips & Tricks 2001–2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited Mirror Replacement

2001–2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited Mirror Replacement

Download hinges at the top of the mirror. Carefully pull at the bottom of the mirror until it unsnaps from the mirror mount. Tilt and lift the mirror out of the mirror housing. of the mirror. The heater wires are interchangeable. the bottom of the mirror sail. Separate the mirror housing from the mirror sail. 5 Unwrap the tape at the end of the mirror wire harness (seals it to the rubber sail gasket). This is required because the Signal® mirror wire will run through the rubber sail gasket in the same location. Pull away the rubber gasket from around the mirror sail. Remove the white plastic strain relief tab. Using the shorter of the two wire harnesses from the kit and starting from the inside of the mirror housing, route the wire through the mirror housing. You may need to use gopher wire to route the wire. Mirror Replacement Continued 8 9 Following along the existing factory wire, route the new wire through the mirror sail. Leave about 4 inches of wire in the mirror housing. Assemble the mirror housing and mirror. Replace the rubber gasket on the mirror sail. Remove any slack in the wire. Replace the strain relief tab. Connect the Signal® mirror mating connector to the Signal® mirror wire harness.