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Tire Alignment Symptoms


Proper tire alignment is vital to the life of your tires. Tire alignment is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that is commonly underestimated or ignored by casual car owners. Many larger and more expensive problems can originate from misaligned tires, such as damage to the tires themselves or to the frame, problems which could have been prevented by maintaining proper tire alignment and balance. Tires are getting more expensive, so to extend their life and the life of your car, pay close attention to detect any adverse symptom before it becomes a problem.

Turned Steering Wheel on a Straight Road – The most obvious symptom of misaligned tires is the steering wheel being turned in one direction while travelling in a straight line. Properly aligned tires sit perpendicular to the road. When they are misaligned, even by a few degrees, the only way to compensate is to turn the steering wheel to the left or right. The steering wheel may turn only slightly, but if it is not perfectly positioned while the tires are straight, the front tires are out of alignment.