Home Tips & Tricks 1997 – 2000 Honda Civic Ignition Switch Installation

1997 – 2000 Honda Civic Ignition Switch Installation

Download Electrical contacts within the ignition swap can wear prematurely due excessive electrical current passing through the switch. Worn out ignition contacts may trigger the engine to stall without warning. Although the engine will restan normally, a car that stalls while driving increases the danger of a crash.1. Remove the driving force’S dashboard decrease cowl and the knee bolster (see web page 20-68 ofthe 1996-O0 Civic Service Manual). 2. Disconnect the ignition swap harness 5P connector from the under-dash ius@/relay box and the connector from the principle wire harness.3. Take away the steering column covers (see page 17-37 ofthe service handbook). 4. Notice how the ignition (eiecîrical) change harness routes to the fuse field and principal harness; have to route the new swiîch harness the identical way. 5. Remove and discard the wire tie clips from the connector major wire harness. (Pan ot the harness shall be reused.)6. Take away the secondary |0ck1rom1he 7F’ connector.